Day two

Actually, this should really have been Day Three. Except I overdid things yesterday and spent the day drinking tea and eating slices of bread and jam.

Watery Scottish sunshine

Today dawned afresh. Lots of birdsong and watery Scottish sunshine. Thoughts of The Proclaimers but in the wrong part of the city. The odd car surprising us by the sound of its engine powering past. Even the holly bushes were glistening in their spring finery like youngsters decked out for a party.

The clouds bowed and nodded

Peachy white flower blossom was waving at me from the plum tree, encouraging me to get out and walk. Ice cream clouds were bowing and nodding to each other in the sky as they drifted past. I resolved to try again on my walking.

Love and hate 

I managed to walk about twenty metres. With the help of my Zimmer frame (aka the Beast of Burden), which I hate but am trying to accept. The Pentland Hills looked as if they were protecting us all with their usual unstudied sturdiness. My legs wobbly. Maybe it my imagination, but felt stronger than two days ago? Am thinking about a pedometer.


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