Living with the Enemy

Living with the Enemy is a 2013 guide to living well with pain, illness and disability. A friend with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) recommended it, and it’s already helping me a great deal. It’s a refreshing change from the well-meant platitudes that get usually get trotted out at times of disaster. Am thinking here of the … More Living with the Enemy

Getting our balance?

I have not received payment of any kind for this review.  It’s hard not to get all metaphorical about vibroplates, the exercise equipment that help people like us recover or at least improve our balance.  The one I’ve invested in after my last MS attack looks a bit intergalactic. Like something Buzz Rogers might use. But … More Getting our balance?

To the Himalayas?

I’m making progress on my walking. Even made it as far as the end of the street yesterday before half-collapsing onto Zim’s saddle for a rest, holding onto his handles with sweaty hands. Zim came through for me, same as usual. And I’m finally – a mere eight years after diagnosis – understanding that more … More To the Himalayas?

MS not so bad?

The wind is howling and whispering, rustling and roaring through the leaves as it storms across the valley of Edinburgh spread out between hill and sea. The ridge of undulating Pentland dips down towards its destination in the North Sea, making me think of all the people who must have felt so relieved to be … More MS not so bad?