An exceptional man

It was a shock to discover last week that the poet and translator Richard McKane died a few years back, in 2016. I didn’t know Richard well; he taught me Russian for a few months in the mid-nineties but we kept in touch for some years afterwards and he was an exceptional man, someone I’ve … More An exceptional man

Clue hidden in name

The name should say it all, really. Except it doesn’t. Or not to me, anyway. They explained to me when I got my diagnosis about how my kind of multiple sclerosis (MS) is ‘relapsing – remitting’; I couldn’t help noticing that when the doctors told me about that, they looked relieved, almost as if that was good news. … More Clue hidden in name


I’m limping and staggering even before reaching the front gate, scared of falling and breaking something – again. So try to cheer myself up with thoughts of how the trees are getting ready for summer. Glad rags There’s blossom already decorating their limbs; it makes me think of putting on mascara to meet my husband … More Nightwalking

Day two

Actually, this should really have been Day Three. Except I overdid things yesterday and spent the day drinking tea and eating slices of bread and jam. Watery Scottish sunshine Today dawned afresh. Lots of birdsong and watery Scottish sunshine. Thoughts of The Proclaimers but in the wrong part of the city. The odd car surprising … More Day two