Subscribe for the chance to win towel for summer

A way to cool off in the clammy summertime.

Enjoying summertime

I’m trying to encourage more of you to sign up to this blog’s email feed, so am giving away two towels that should help keep people cool through the summer.

For the chance to win one of the towels, all you have to do is sign up for the email update here on Travels with a Zimmer Frame to be entered into a prize draw. Any problems, let me know.

Made of chemical-free, breathable mesh, the towels come in a plastic tube that can be attached to a handbag, mobility device or rucksack.

To help you enjoy the British summertime without worrying about overheating.

Chilling out

Useful for cooling down and chilling out in the summer months, the towels come in a handy bottle you can hook onto a bag or mobility device.

All you need do is soak the towel in water, wring out the excess and place it around neck, throat or chest for instant chill. 

Sign up for email alerts

Deadline 31st July 2021. Towels will be posted out first week of August after names of two winning entrants are drawn from a hat.


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